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Welcome to a new way of being.

We are inviting you to join us on an unprogramming journey to experience yourself and your team in a new way..

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At BodyMindBusiness our joy comes from helping you remember who you are, what you are and how you serve so that you too can experience what is breathing you. Not that you should, just that you can ☺.

Teams and Organizations

At BodyMindBusiness, we live for that giddy feeling when we witness high-fives exchanged between co-workers who connect on something special. If this inspired feeling is what you are seeking in your organization, you are in the right place. You know what we are talking about -- that feeling of flow, harmony, juiciness, inclusion, strength and unstoppable unity.

Unprogramming means we are inviting you to throw out all the masters, the experts, the authorities, and the “they who say you should…”. and recreate your team’s true brilliance. At BodyMindBusiness, our most inspired work is in helping you remember and recharge the common motivating force that brought your team together and to help you realize how easily your organization can achieve the impossible and beyond.

One of our mottos at BodyMindBusiness is “it doesn’t have to be hard” and it really doesn’t. Teams and organizations constantly shift and change, coming together and dissolving, working well and then not. This is completely natural and inescapable so stop resisting it and learn to go with the flow.

When we work with teams and organizations at BodyMindBusiness, we start with two fundamental concepts.

  1. You possess everything you need, right here and right now. Everyone matters, contributes and adds value even if it is only their presence.
  2. Commit to supporting each other-- build each other up. Recognize the truth of who and what each of you are –special, unique, fully capable, creative, extraordinary beings – and feel the truth of your purpose.

From there all things are possible. Your organization will automatically shift into alignment. Team members who felt stuck before may realize that their truth of purpose is not aligned and other possibilities will be presented to them. Team members who were afraid before will realize that they are fully supported by their co-workers and will begin to achieve amazing results. Teams may realize that their goals weren’t big enough and they will shift to dream even bigger! The ebb and flow will keep you moving forward.

Sound too good to be true? Well don’t sell yourself short. It's not about what BodyMindBusiness has to offer you, it is about what you can offer yourself. It is all within you right now. What we do for you is shine the light on what you already know is true. We are certain that by reading these words, you are starting to think differently and you are at this moment allowing shift to happen.

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Teams in Crisis

A dysfunctional team entrenched in tolerating the status quo, conflict and stagnation. Lacking trust, inspiration and harmony.

High Intensity Teams

Teams who have track record of working well together but want to amp it up with greater synergy, creativity, trust, truth and flow.

Newly Minted Teams

Teams who have not worked together before and want to start out at the highest vibration possible.

Team Leaders

Leaders in organizations or businesses who want to empower their teams to achieve fulfillment, truth and flow for the benefit of all.

For Everyone!!!!

How to make your job or your team obsolete so that you can pursue greater flow, abundance, presence and fulfillment in something better yet.

Individuals and Entrepreneurs

There are so many great things about being independent -- as an entrepreneur owning your own business, an entrepreneur in an organization, or an individual having a unique talent or product or an intensely compelling and individual calling.

It’s great to be your own boss; to make your own decisions without having to consult someone else or get other’s buy-in. You can turn on a dime, abandon projects that aren’t working and try things just for the fun of it. Facts and figures are not always required. You can fly by the seat of your pants, rely on your intuition and go on a hunch. As great as having an individual calling can be it can be equally scary and overwhelming, if not paralyzing.

A common thread appears with individuals who seek us at BodyMindBusiness. People often ask “What is so obvious to you that I cannot see? Will you teach me how to operate at the pace of love so that I too can experience true abundance and authentic happiness?” The people we are seeking who are seeking us know that there is something more. Sometimes they know what it is, sometimes they don’t and sometimes what they think it is is not at all what they discover once they realize their truth. That is how awesomely exciting a connection with your divine truth can be.

Typically, this connection requires two-phases. It isn’t a program or a recipe it just typically happens in two parts.

The Unprogramming

This is the hardest part but required to get to the juicy part. To get through a pinch-point or to operate at a higher level, we all must go through some unprogramming. The first step when you come to BodyMindBusiness is to recognize, acknowledge and release your self-limiting beliefs. You will need to get out of your head and let go of your own expectations of how things should be, of who you think you should be and release the expectations that others have for you that you have agreed to. Not so hard, right?

We all have this clutter and in some areas we are more entrenched than others. Completing the first pass doesn’t guarantee you won’t have to do it again as new things are revealed. Our knowing mantra that we wish to share with you is: You are free. You are free. You are free. Feel it, even if you have yet to believe it!

Homework assignment: Whenever you catch yourself saying, “It is going to turn out this way, I know it, because it always has” simply claim something new. Say instead, “I don’t know how it is going to turn out but all possibilities are available, welcome and allowed”.

The retrieval.

Once you have your self-chatter under control and you are beginning to remember who you are and to reclaim trust in your own worthiness, it is time to get started. Deb will assist you in retrieving your inspiration. She has a knack and an inspiration for helping you remember how and why you are here.

For some people this will be more like an extraction or a birthing event, for others it will just flow smoothly because you have always had an awareness and a relationship with it. And still others may decide that they are not ready. You will get out of it what you are ready to put into it and one thing is for certain: we are all capable and worthy of divinely creative and fulfilling self-expression in whatever way is perfect for each of us. Juicy!

Start a conversation today!

Click on any one of the categories below. You will have the opportunity to send us an email. There are no strings attached, only a conversation --a conversation with someone who already knows what you are fully capable of.


Individuals who own their own business and want to amp up their feelings of fulfillment and flow in their business execution.


Individuals seeking greater fulfillment, truth, flow, health and purpose in their lives but don’t know exactly where to start.


Individuals who are gestating an idea and need help birthing it into form in all the magical detail they have envisioned.

Pinch Pointers

Individuals who have reached a block or obstacle in their flow and creativity and who need help getting to the other side – FAST!

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